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I just wanted to share one of the most lucrative Internet marketing initiatives you can undertake:  Membership sites

Membership sites, also known as subscription sites, are lucrative because they bring in a recurring income.  I am currently undertaking my first membership website, so I will take you on the journey with me.

For a membership site to be successful, you need to provide quality content and value (as you would in any business, online or off).  Like any other endeavor in Internet marketing, choose a niche that is in demand, but not over-saturated.  For instance, dating is a niche that is in high demand, but it is definitely over-saturated.  This bring me to another point regarding your choice for a membership site… it is far more difficult to make your site successful if your site’s success is dependent upon the members.  A dating membership website, such as or eharmony, can only be successful if there are enough quality members – after all, the “product” of these websites are the members themselves.  You can see how tough it would be to penetrate this market… you’d be competing with well-established websites, and you would be fighting for members.  These are not the kinds of membership sites I recommend – at least not for a beginner.

I suggest a content site, where the value is in the content, not in the other members.  For instance, let’s say your niche is model airplanes.  You can build a membership site dedicated to model airplanes, and the people who love them.  Your content can include education, resources, products, techniques & methods for building, flying, or showing your models.  You can have video training, audio education, and downloadable documents – all available only to members!

Charge a nominal fee and your members will stay forever (well, at least for a long time).  The fee you charge would depend upon your niche.  Keep it irresistibly low, and you will attract a large member base (you still need to market your site to get members).  If you have just 100 members and you charge $19.95 per month, that’s two grand a month… look how that grows when you have 1,000 paid members!  See the power in this?

You will need to keep your content fresh and up to date, buy hey, when you have enough members, you can hire someone to do that for you.

One more thing regarding pricing… you can also opt for a free site.  Why?  It is just an option you need to weigh out.  This would of course depend upon your niche, the demand, and the demographic of your customer base.  All membership sites allow you to build a massive list (database), with a free membership site you can make money by marketing to your list and/or by having affiliate products available inside your site (but don’t forget the quality content or your members will not stay).

I’ll be providing more information as I build my membership site.  My niche is real estate investing, and I chose this niche because I have been a real estate investor since 1989 when I bought my first investment property.

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Written by Scott Gilbert on July 29th, 2011 with no comments.
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