7 Tips To Choosing A Domain Name

I have 7 quick and easy tips for you today that you can use right now to choose an effective domain name.  Your choice of a domain name is incredibly important because you cannot (or should not) change it once your website is up and your links begin propagating.

Choosing your domain name should be part of your SEO strategy, and is a critical component to your SEO.  Why?  Because a keyword rich domain name is important for your ranking (along with other SEO components).  So why, you may ask, does this very website employ a domain that is not keyword rich?  The answer is simple… I did not know any better when I put this site up.  This site represents my journey, and I am sharing what I now know works so you do not make the same mistakes.  Fair enough?

Ok, so here they are, Scott’s 7 tips to choosing a domain name:

  1. Always choose a domain name based on your keywords
  2. One word is ideal, but is not always the best choice.  When you are using long tail keywords, digging deeper into a niche, the entire keyword phrase will be a better choice
  3. Always try to use an exact match keyword phrase
  4. “.com” names are best, but not for the reasons you may be thinking.  A “.com” domain is easy to remember, and works best for people who will return to your website by memory.  It is also best for those peopel who will “try” typing their keywords into the search engine, as the default is “.com”.  Other domain extensions are fine for those sites that will be visited via a link and those sites that are intended as a one time sale with traffic from clickable links.  It is important to note that the extension does not affect your ranking, so get busy with SEO!
  5. If your name/keyword is taken, consider using a prefix or suffix.  Keep your prefix or suffix as short as possible
  6. Avoid dashes in a domain name
  7. Use domain name tools for ideas

Just one more bonus I want to give you about the length of your domain name.  I have had numerous people ask me if it is better to have a short domain name… well, go back and read tip #1.  Your domain should be based on your keywords, not on a short name.  Don’t get me wrong, a short name is better is some circumstances, it is often easier to remember, and provides for shorter email addresses… buy hey, do you want traffic or a short name?  You decide.

There is a really cool tool to help you find untapped domain names that are keyword rich.  I have never seen a tool quite like this one.  If you are just building your website, you don’t want to get the wrong name, so check it out.

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Written by Scott Gilbert on May 24th, 2011 with no comments.
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