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If you are involved with Internet marketing, or any aspect of marketing online, you probably have one or more websites, or you will soon.  I have a coupon code to share with you for web hosting, so I thought this would be an ideal time to talk a bit about hosting.

When I built my first website less than 3 and a half years ago, I bought my domain through GoDaddy, hosted it at GoDaddy, and used their WebSiteTonight website building tool.  What a mistake.

You see, at the time I did not know what tools and services the serious Internet markers were using and it cost me dearly.  I overpaid for my domain, I way overpaid for hosting, and the site building tool was extremely limited and clumsy to use – and I paid them for that too.  I see GoDaddy as the service for the general population, essentially the people who don’t know what they are doing when it comes to Internet marketing.

So let me get back to hosting.  I asked my mentor, Tom Antion, if he knew of a better web host.  It was Tom who told me that serious Internet marketers pay a flat rate for unlimited domains, and Tom introduced me to Hostgator.  Wow!  With Hostgator I paid a lower monthly rate for unlimited domains than I paid for just one domain with GoDaddy.  Again, I can only say… WOW.  This was an eye-opener for me, and I began to discover a whole set of efficient tools that successful Internet marketers use.

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If you don’t know what hosting is, think of it like this… when you build a website, it needs to “be” somewhere.  It actually resides on a computer somewhere called a web host server.  When your website is professionally hosted, the host solves the bandwidth and reliability issues that you would otherwise have.  There is no need to get too technical here, just know that you need a host and Hostgator is popular among Internet professionals, and it is cost-effective and reliable.  Nuff said.

Hostgator has several unlimited hosting plans for marketers who want to host just their own sites, and for marketers who want to resell hosting services.  All the plans are quite reasonable.  Web hosting is an essential service for Internet marketers.

I no longer use GoDaddy to buy domains either.  I now use NameCheap as my domain registrar because their prices are cheaper, they provide free “whois guard” for the first year, and their website is much faster and easier to use.

And just for the record, I do not use WebSiteTonight or any website building service anymore to build my websites.  I use WordPress to make my websites (and yes, it is very easy to host a WordPress website/blog on Hostgator).  This website,, is built on a WordPress platform and is hosted on Hostgator.

Don’t forget you can ask me questions right here!

Hostgator Coupon Code:  switch2hostgator

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