Internet Marketing, Adwords, Adsense, PPC… Help! Can I Really Make Money Online?

Lot’s of people are frustrated, most people who try this business do not make money.  That’s the truth.  We get excited when we attend seminars and conventions, and when we hear our favorite guru’s speak.  We even get empowered and motivated when we get trained.  So what happens?  Why do most fail in spite of all this?

We’ll, the answer can be complicated for some people, but I will break it down and simplify it.  There are several factors:

Personal Situation

Where are you in your life right now?  Is anything interfering with your success right now?  Perhaps there is a lot on your plate right now.  Not just business, but anything including family, relationships, health, finance, or spirituality.  What’s going on for you?  I am not saying that it is easy to solve all your issues, but I am saying that the first step is realizing what they are and facing them head-on.  It is not necessary to solve every issue to make your online business work, but at least you will be aware and that will help you put everything into perspective.

Financial Situation

What is going on for you financially?  Are you trying the Internet marketing business because you need money?  I think we all recognize the horrible state of our economy at this time… and I know this does not help matters.  If you have financial issues, the pressure can surely form roadblocks to your success.  I know that is counter-productive, but that is how it often works.  It is up to each of us to push through and work harder and smarter.  Success will be all the sweeter.

Personal Beliefs/Education

What is your sub-conscious mind telling you?  Do you really believe you can win?  Are people around you telling you that you are wasting your time?  Your personal beliefs shape your reality, and your belief system will determine your future.  Whatever you believe is what your life is right now.  Maybe its’ time to upgrade some of those beliefs.  Several months ago I suggested attending the Millionaire Mind Intensive, an event by Peak Potentials.  It is life-changing, just do it.  Just take my word on this… this is real wealth training for the mind and wallet.

The above factors apply to your online business, but they also apply to any endeavor you may be reaching for, whether business, personal, or otherwise.  I know I did not answer all the questions up there, but I am acknowledging that these are real factors that hinder our success.  We do need to over come them, so get them out into the open.  Small wins lead to big wins, and motivates us on both a conscious and unconscious level.

So what do you do while working on the above?  How can you really make money in Internet marketing?  The answer is focus.


Internet marketing is a huge field.  Pick one thing and stick with it.  Focus.  Also, stop trying to make $487,921.56 in ten days like all the promises we see out there.  You need to be realistic.  While those figures can happen, the people who experience those kinds of results have been working on Internet marketing for years.  It just does not happen overnight.  Why not try to make a website that can make you twenty bucks a week?  Once you figure that out, you can then focus on replicating that effort and build 200 similar websites.  Get the idea?  My example is not about building websites… you can apply this to whatever aspect of Internet marketing that strikes your fancy.  The point is to try to make something work on a small scale first.  Once you get it and tweak it, then replicate.

Where do you fit in?  Ask your questions right here on this blog.  Failure is not an option!

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Written by Scott Gilbert on September 30th, 2010 with no comments.
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