Should I Write My Own Ebook ?

I have been asked this question several times so I thought it would be helpful to address it here on this blog.

The question is, “should I write my own ebook”.  The short answer is, “yes”, but you need to be ready for it.  Writing ebooks give you some really great benefits, but it does have its pros as well as cons.  First I will give you the pros…

(1)  Price Control – Writing your own ebook gives you control over your price and your profit.  Since ebooks are typically delivered electronically, it’s all profit.  You choose your price, and that is what you get to keep on the sale of that book.  Unless, of course, you choose to sell through affiliates – but that is even more profitable.

(2)  Affiliate Sales – You can sell through affiliates, give them half (or more) of the profits, and sit back and collect huge profits.  Even though you are giving away a large portion of your profits, you are leveraging yourself by having many affiliates.  Giving a higher percentage will attract more, higher quality affiliates, and this gives you a large “sales force” working on your behalf.  This is incredibly powerful.

(3)  ClickBank – You can sell your ebook through ClickBank and reach a boatload of affiliates.  ClickBank is a network that connects digital product vendors with Internet marketing affiliates.  This is like affiliates on steroids.  For this to be effective, you would need a high converting sales page.  You can write it yourself if you know how, or you can hire an expert (I recommend the latter).  Hiring and expert is expensive, but well worth the expense.

(4)  Price Flexibility – You can choose to put your ebook on sale if you want to generate more customers or take advantage of a niche event (online or off).

(5)  List Building – You can use your ebook for building a database – your list of customers.  If you have not heard me say this before, I will say it again now:  Your database is one of your most important assets in the business of Internet marketing.  Your loyal followers will want to buy from you over and over again (as long as you continue to deliver value).  So how do you use your ebook to generate a list?  Simple… offer it as a free gift for opting in to your list.

(6)  Free Gift – You can give it away free to people.  For instance, you can send a link to existing customers, or you can offer it to everyone who attends a seminar, or you can do a joint venture.  Why would you want to give it away free?  We already talked about generating a list, but why give it to people already on your list, or even those who are not?  Simple, see the next benefit of writing your own ebooks…

(7)  Links.  You can plaster links all over your ebook.  This is huge.  You can put links to your website, other products you have developed, or affiliate links.  As the distribution of your ebook grows, your links gain great exposure and it becomes viral.  I would like to clarify a few things… (1) when I say “plaster links all over”, I mean put them in the proper places in the book.  Never forget that your ebook needs to be valuable to the reader, so don’t bombard them with unrelated sales pitches;  (2) make sure that your links and the products and pages they lead to, are relevant to the subject matter of the ebook.  It is ok to have links to your other business services, but tell them about it appropriately at the beginning and/or end of the ebook.

(8)  Distribution Rights – You can offer free distribution rights.  This will help make the ebook viral.

(9)  Resell Rights – This also help your ebook become viral, but it also gives others the right to sell it and make an additional profit.

(10)  eBay – You can sell it on eBay or allow others to sell it on eBay (see #9 above).  The only drawback to selling it on eBay is that eBay requires ebooks to be burned to a CD and physically mailed to the buyer.  This increases cost, involves your time, and may no longer be an automated business (passive income).  However, it does increase exposure and many other people will be happy to sell your ebooks on eBay.  Let them!

As you can see, there are quite a few pros to writing your own ebooks.  Now let’s take a look at the cons…

(1)  Time – Writing an ebook can take a lot of your time.  Your ebook must be valuable to the reader, so it is important to address their needs and expectations, and take the extra time to ensure a use-friendly layout.

(2)  Resources – You will need to protect your ebook so it is difficult to copy, and more importantly, to ensure that ebook remains unmodified and your links remain intact.  I use Adobe Acrobat.  If you want to know how to set up an ebook in Acrobat, you can ask me on this blog.

(3)  Knowledge – You will need knowledge of your subject, or your ebook won’t be very good at all.  It is a good idea to pick a niche that you already work in, and address a void in the marketplace.  If you do not have the knowledge, you can learn online – but that takes more time… or you can hire someone to write the ebook for you – but that takes more money.

(4)  Marketable? – Make sure your ebook is marketable.  If you are not addressing a need, no one will buy your ebook, or if they got it free, they won’t read it and they won’t click on your links.

(5)  Marketing – No one will know about your ebook if you don’t market it.  Marketing takes time and effort – even if you use affiliates to market your product, you still need to market to the affiliates.

What Do You Do If You Are Not Ready To Write An Ebook?

The pros of writing your own ebook are great and there’s a lot of money to be made.  But if you are a beginner, the cons can be quite intimidating as well.  So what is the advice I offer when people ask me this question?  Here it is… If you are a beginner, learn how to market first by promoting someone else’s product as an affiliate.  There is good money to be made, your expenses are low or non-existent, and once you can make money as an affiliate, you will probably be ready to write your own ebooks.  If you are experienced, you have a joint venture partner, or you have another marketing mechanism in place, then go for it – write your own ebooks!

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Written by Scott Gilbert on August 24th, 2010 with 1 comment.
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