How To Become An Affiliate & Make Money Today

Wanna start making money one the Internet today?  Try affiliate marketing.  Affiliate marketing does not require you to have a website, does not require much money (or any money for that matter), and is quick and easy to get started in.  Join as an affiliate with ClickBankLinkShare, or Commission Junction, and you don’t even need to look very far for products to promote.  Those companies are free to join.

Once you are set up with your affiliate account(s), you can begin promoting.  Some marketers use pay per click (PPC), but I am going to tell you how to get going without having to spend a dime!  Here’s three things you can do today to start making affiliate income…

(1)  Email.  Send email to your contact list and your friends telling them about a product that you are promoting.  Don’t forget to give them the link (your affiliate link) to the product.  Make sure the product is relevant for the people you are sending the email to… after all, you want to keep your friends – right?  (if you always try to help people, you will always be successful)

(2)  Social Networking.  Tell your Facebook friends about a product, or sent tweets to your Twitter followers.  Again, make sure you send your affiliate link and make sure the product is relevant.

(3)  Write Articles.  Write articles about a subject or product and post your article on a free article site.  A rule to keep in mind… follow the guidelines of the article site.  Some do not allow you to link to products in your article (although you may be able to talk about it), but you can put the links in your resource box/signature.  This is my favorite because it keeps working for you long after you write the article as people are viewing the articles regularly.  Try EzineArticles and ArticleDashboard.

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Written by Scott Gilbert on June 15th, 2010 with no comments.
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