How To Control Blog Spam

Those of you who have been following me and/or this blog know that I am new to blogging.  In fact, this is my first blog and I started it on April 5, 2010 – less than two months ago.  I have since started several other blogs, and I although I am not yet a blogging expert, I certainly learned a thing or two over the past several weeks.  Blogging is a great way to drive traffic, but I’ll go into that deeper in another post.  For now, I want to share the reality of blog spam and how you can control it.

Blog spamming is when people use your blog just to get a link back to their website.  The way this is done is by leaving a comment on a blog post which links back to their website.  Now, as an Internet marketer, we can use blogging as an effective technique to drive traffic, but I am not advocating spamming a blog, or any other type of spamming for that matter.  For you and I to utilize this technique properly, we would be leaving a comment that has value on someone else’s blog for the readers of that blog.  The comment must be relevant and meaningful.  It is an accepted practice in Internet marketing to do this and still have a link back – just as long as you are providing value.  Spammers do not provide value… they simply put a link back from a meaningless comment.

Having meaningless comments to your posts on your blog does not help you look professional to your readers, and can only hurt your purpose in the long run.

So what do we do about it?

There are several things you can do about it, and the first is fairly obvious… do not allow people to leave comments on your blog.  I do not recommend that you choose this option, as it misses the purpose of blogging.  Blogging helps build community where like-minded people can go for information, knowledge, and answers.  Comments allow your blog to become interactive, and that becomes a central point for the community of your niche.  Because of this, for me, disallowing comments is simply not an option.

Another option would be to monitor your blog regularly, and when you find spam, just delete it.  This methods works, but can require an unnecessary allocation of your valuable time.  And besides, the spam will remain on your blog until you remove it.

The third option would be to use a plugin to control spam.  In case you do not know what a plugin is, it is a third party program that works with your blog to accomplish a task or to add a feature.  There is a plugin called Akismet, which I started using and it works great.  There are several ways to configure it to optimize its’ operation.  I get about ten spams each day on this blog, and they get caught by Akismet for my review.

It is easy to spot spam… people leave messages, often nice messages, but they really do not say anything relevant.  You may get a comment that says something like “Thanks for the great post, you did it again”.  Sure, it strokes your ego, but there is no relevant information and it is spam.  I let one or two of those through before I realized what was going on.  Some other spam is more obvious… I get spammers that just have jumble – not even real words – and I get spammers that leave links back to 75 websites (I’m not kidding, I just can’t make this stuff up!).  I bet I’ll get a bunch of spam for this posting because spammers don’t even read the post! 

Note to Beginner Internet Marketers:  Take notice that I made a link back to Akismet.  I did that because I like the product and I am endorsing it.  I am not making any money off of it because it is free, but if they did sell it and they did have an affiliate program, I would still endorse it and make a few bucks in the process.  There is nothing wrong with that – as long as the product is useful and I am not misleading you for the sole purpose of making money.  Why am I telling you this?  Because people have asked me in the past about the integrity issue of making money endorsing other products.  People do this all the time, not all with integrity and good intentions.  You can do whatever you want, but I like to help people become successful, and as long as I am helping you, I deserve to make a few bucks in the process (it adds up).  I will be teaching you how to do the same.

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Written by Scott Gilbert on May 31st, 2010 with no comments.
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