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There are two categories of ebooks… ebooks that belong to you and ebooks that belong to someone else.  The title of this post is “How To Make Ebooks”, so today we are focusing on making our own ebooks. 

Why?  Simple.  You can make more money, and you can control the product.  You can also control the price and get other people (affiliates) to sell it for you.  You can choose how and where to sell, you can earn an income from your ebooks for years, you can build your database, and you can upsell your customer. There are many reasons to make your own ebooks, the list goes on and on. 

Ebooks are a type of digital products.  We will go into other digital products at another time, but I briefly wanted to mentions other types of digital products.  In addition to ebooks, there are ecourses, audio programs, and video programs.

So how do you choose content for your ebook?  The great benefit of ebooks, or digital products in general, is that you can sell information… information that you already know.  I suggest you follow your passion.  Choose a  hobby or another area of expertise.  Choose something that people continuously ask you about.  If you really think about it, you probably have enough information inside of you to write a library – enough information to earn a very healthy living.  It may take you some time to realize that you do actually have information that other people want, and you may be thinking to yourself that you do not know enough about anything to write a book.  Don’t worry!  If this is your situation you will probably realize soon enough how you can help other people.  In the meantime, you can choose an area that you have an interest in and get your information online.  You can actually write a valuable book by compiling information that others are having a hard time acquiring.

Whatever topic you choose, I want you to be sure you are providing a valuable product to your customers.  You will not become successful selling poorly compiled or unusable information – so don’t do it.

I did not mention this previously, so now is a good time to do it… this is not an overnight business or a get rich quick scheme.  Internet marketing is a real business and you need to provide real value to build a successful business.  With that said, you growth potential is unlimited – that is the power of the Internet!

Ok, so you’ve decided to make an ebook.  Let’s take a quick look at the pros and the cons.  Remember, if you do not make your own products, you can always sell someone else’s – and this too, is a very lucrative area of Internet marketing.

Pros & Cons

Let’s Do It!  Gather your material and start writing.  You can choose to write your ebook or you can choose to write a tips guide.  Typically, an ebook will fetch you more money, and you can use it as a product to sell on a website.  A tips guide or pamphlet can be used as a giveaway to get people to opt into your list.  Either way, you would go about making it the same way.  As I tell you how I do it, keep in mind that this is merely my method.  There are others who use different techniques and different applications to create their ebooks.

First write your ebook in the application of your choice (I use Microsoft Word).  Format the ebook as you wish.  Keep it clean and professional.  Use page numbers and a table of contents (generate this with your word processor).  Add links in the text of your ebook to bring your users to your website, or to sell other products.  Once the ebook circulates, you will have a viral effect spreading links back to you, your website, and affiliate products.  It’s also a good idea to put in a disclaimer to protect your interests.

I use Adobe Acrobat Professional to convert my ebook into a PDF.  Acrobat offers the ability to configure the document and protect it.  I like to set the bookmarks to allow people to easily navigate the document (the bookmarks are an online table of contents).  To set the opening view in bookmark mode, (in Acrobat) go to “File”, “Properties”, “Opening View”, and choose “with bookmarks”.  Always set document security, but never set a password to open the document.  Set a password to change the document so no one but you can make changes.  You have the choice to allow the user to print the document.  I usually allow printing (this would depend on the information you are providing), and I usually allow printing in high resolution.  Again, use your discretion here.  You also have the ability to allow or disallow users to copy and paste the document.  I do not allow copying to help protect my content.

To add a real professional edge to your ebook, make an ecover.  An ecover is a unique graphic of your book that you can put on the very first page of the document (i.e.: “the cover”).  You can also use the graphic for sales and marketing purposes on a website in even in another ebook.  An ecover can make the difference to persuade someone to purchase your ebook.   Click here for the ecover generator that I use.

Don’t forget to test all the links in your ebook, including the table of contents and bookmarks!

Now that you have your ebook you will need to choose a method to market it.  Since the marketing methods are not unique to ebooks, we’ll talk about each marketing method in different posts.

Adobe Acrobat Professional
Ecover Generator

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Written by Scott Gilbert on April 15th, 2010 with 1 comment.
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