Leverage Your Time

Ok, just a quick post to follow up on the last one.  I want to make a clear distinction between a poor use of time and taking the time necessary to learn.

In my last post I talked about sticking to your goal through obstacles and pushing through until you reach results.  The short answer is you should be doing activities that bring you the greatest results and have others perform the tasks that would be a waste of your talents and skills.  This would differ for each of us.  Don’t necessarily follow me… I am learning things deeper because I want to be able to teach it.  This may or may not apply to you.  For instance, In the last post I talked about the time it was taking me to learn how to update my blog header.  For many, this may be a waste of time when you can just hire someone to do it for you – after all, updating a blog header is not the kind of activity that will make you rich.  You need to know how to generate content, how to get traffic, how to monetize, etc.  If you are not a detail person, this kind of stuff will drive you crazy.  If you are a detail person, then you need to make a conscious decision whether or not handling such things are a waste of time – no matter how badly you want to do it.  For me, I just want to know how to do it, and I will likely hire someone to do it for me afterwards.

On a side note, maybe you can help me.  I have learned (today) how to change the banner for the default WordPress blog (which would also apply to many other themes), but it does not work with my theme because the header is saved in a different location and it’s not one big graphic.  Instead it is a thin vertical graphic line repeated as a background across the header.  I would like to learn how to replace that with a single graphic header.  You’ll know when I’ve got it right because the header will have changed from a line of text to a graphic header.

Ok, where was I… oh yeah, – don’t try to figure everything out for yourself… getting through obstacles is about getting it done quickly and efficiently.  This will also help keep your motivation level high!  Remember to leverage yourself!

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Written by Scott Gilbert on April 8th, 2010 with no comments.
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