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Hello All, and welcome to the blog that can help change your life.  I’m an entrepreneur and an Internet marketer, and I have decided to share my journey with you.  The purpose of this blog is to share what has worked and what has not – as well as why.  Your questions and input will be valuable to you, me, and all who come here to learn.

For most of us, making a business successful is not easy.  It takes dedication, effort, drive, and self-dicipline… not to mention the learning curve and the time to do so.  I have already had my share of setbacks… I have made tons of mistakes which cost me thousands of dollars.  Hopefully you can avoid the mistakes I have made.

So are you in?  Are you ready to learn and make money?  Let’s get stated!

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Written by Scott Gilbert on April 5th, 2010 with no comments.
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